Positive Thinking

"Always believe something wonderful is about to happen" Positive thinking is something that I struggle to do. To think of the cup half full rather than fall empty, to see things in a more brighter note and to take the good things and commit that into memory rather than the bad things in life. Over [...]

Appreciating People

Appreciating People There is a point in every person’s life where they stop and reflect back on what has happened so far. It may not a long reflection or even an important one. It could even be a reflection over the last few days. No matter how short it may be, it is still an [...]


I have a lot of be thankful for and one of the biggest is my family. Right now, I am spending as much time as I possibly can within the next five days here in Auckland with family on my mother's side. Nothing compares to feeling like you have come home. First of all, we [...]

Let It All Go And See What Stays

"Let it all go and see what stays" Ever want to just let everything and everyone go and see and what stays? Often I sit and wonder that if I stop making the effort for people, would they just leave? I find it hard to envision some people still in my life if I made [...]


What does it mean to be perfect? What is it even based on? I find that people, girls especially, strive for perfection. It is constantly a fight for who is better than who. It is always about who has the best makeup, who has the best clothes, who has the perfect job and even at [...]