Be Fishers of Men, Not keepers of the Aquarium.

There’s three levels to receiving a message from a sermon. There’s listening, receiving and then there is applying. While they may seem like similar things and you can argue that they are all important, however one must understand that it you only take each of these aspects on their own, nothing will change. Nothing happens if you are applying them all individually. When you listen, … Continue reading Be Fishers of Men, Not keepers of the Aquarium.

This or That (Taha)

1. Vampire or Werewolf? Werewolf 2. Rainbow or Stars? Stars 3. Movie Theatre or Arcade? Movie Theatre 4. Roses or Sunflowers? Roses 5. Angelic or Demonic? Angelic 6. Freedom or Hope? Hope 7. Daydreamer or Night thinker? Both 8. Sunshine or Storms? Sunshine 9. Rain or Snow? Rain 10. Stick together or Separate? Stick Together 11. Mansion or Farm House? Mansion 12. Breakfast in a … Continue reading This or That (Taha)