WGM says Goodbye to another amazing couple

WGM says goodbye to possibly the cutest couple that has been featured on the show. Red Velvet's Joy and BTOB's Sungjae has now left the show along with with a million fan's hearts. Not only did they steal fan's hearts with their cuteness and beauty, they also rose to the top due to their uniqueness [...]

FLY by Jessica

One thing that I noticed when looking at the word 'FLY' in Jessica's teaser image is that it looks like 'F/y" which in other words basically says 'F*ck You'. I do not know if anyone else looked at it like this or maybe it is just me but I had a great laugh over it. [...]

Jessica Jung ‘Fly’ Teaser

SO IT IS OFFICIAL! Jessica's teaser for Fly has come out and I am DYING with excitement! So it starts off with a wide shot of Jessica sitting in a teal coloured bath tub in the middle of a dessert reading a red book. First of all the pop of colour of the teal against [...]