Where do I start?

I am a Tongan, Seventh Day Adventist young female who just wants a way to express who she is. I love food (and it REALLY shows) and I love my family even more. I started this blog because I wanted to find a creative way to show who I am but it has now turned into letters.

Dear Brown Girl started because I just wanted to give myself some encouragement. I started thinking of things that I wish someone has told me when I was struggling or when I just needed a second opinion. I am not saying that I have become more wiser and all of that but it’s just more things that I wish I had known then that I know now. I can not express how much regret and pain I would have not gone through if I had just known all the things I do now. I just wanted to write and hope that maybe someone out there does not make the same mistakes that I did. I’m not perfect and so people should not expect my writing to be. I am still learning and I am still trying to find my place in this world. Sometimes I still feel like I am just a few months old grabbing on to things trying to pull myself up on my tiny legs. This is all a learning experience and I am sure that one day in the future, I would look back at these letters and think “now I know better! That was so wrong!” while pondering why in the world I would say that.

Learn with me. Let me know whether it’s right or wrong. Don’t be afraid to call me out on something that is not right and don’t be shy to hit me up about it. This does not mean you get mean and say cruel things because let’s be honest, there’s enough hate in this world. Let us be happy and encouraging.

So that’s me. Nothing fancy or complicated going on here. Just your average food loving, Seventh Day Adventist, family orientated, mistake making, loud Tongan Girl.







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