I’m Sorry and Thank You

Dear Brown Girl,

Let me be clear, I am not apologising for being me. No, as someone who is still developing and finding out who I am meant to be, I admit that I have hurt people along the way. This is not to say that I also wasn’t hurt and that they didn’t do things towards me as well but I am going to admit that I also played a major role in the fact that we are no longer close.

Truth be told, there was a LOT going on but I am apologising. I did apologise to most people who I had not so fun time with and some have either accepted my apology or have completely ignored me. I would love to be able to say that everything is peachy and well but it’s not. I am not close with them and I do not believe that we ever will. I have come to terms with this and have made my peace with it.

It’s sad to think that people who I use to be so close with are no longer a major part of my life like they use to. I have heard so many things about me being brought up again therefore I want them to know that I am truly sorry. I have reached out to most of you and if I have not apologised to you personally yet, I truly am sorry.

I am not expecting forgiveness but the bitterness that I have held on to all these years, I am letting go. You can say all that you want about me and drag my name through the mud again (even though it has been YEARS since we have talked) but I have decided that I no longer want to hold on to all this.

So, no. I am not retaliating.

I truly am sorry. I am sorry for what I did to you and for retaliating the way that I did. I am sorry if you were hurt by me.

I hope that you live a happy life and that everything that you put your mind to brings you success. Thank you for the good memories though! Even though our friendship ended in such a way, I do thank you for the good times.

I’m sorry.


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