Alovili Home

Thank you for opening up a platform where people can express the darkness that they are going through.


Dear Alovili Home,

Mental Illness is something that affects so many of our people yet we either never acknowledge it or we just push it aside and never talk about it. Our youth suffer quietly and our older generations turn a blind eye because that was what had happened to them which creates this cycle of silence.

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for opening up a platform where people can express the darkness that they are going through. Where they know it is okay to speak up and that what they are not alone in what they are going through. It gives people the opportunity to understand that they are not fighting a losing battle. That their sufferings are not uncommon and that they are strong enough to keep holding on. 

Our people from the Pacific are so strong and beautiful yet so many do not see the strength that they possess. They do not see that this struggle can be overcome and I believe that the strength that we hold within us sometimes doesn’t allow us to ask for the help that we need. It seems that the first step in even acknowledging our fears and anxieties always comes second to everything that is around us. 

Educating our youth and even our elders is so important for there may be some people who are quietly suffering is so important which is why I think that what you do is so essential. Your posts, your live stream videos, and your seminars that you hold touch people’s lives and maybe even save someone who you may not even know who was living on a fine line. It may be a struggle and you may get discouraged but I hope that the work that you do can influence and inspire someone else to believe in themselves more and for others to listen to someone who is going through a hard time. 

So thank you from one Brown Girl to another. 

Keep sharing your story.

Keep your hope alive. 

Much love from this Brown Girl. 


If you want to get in contact with Alovili Home:




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