Dear Brown Girl

Dear Brown Girl,

Well, Hello there Brown Girl! It has been a while since we have last talked. This passing week has been quite an interesting one and we have gone through some difficulties but look, we managed to get through.

I know I do not say this enough but I am proud of you. We do not always wake up most days feeling thankful for the life that we have been given. We rush through most days thinking of what is come tomorrow or in the near future without appreciating what we have now. We are very fortunate that we live the life that we live and have the opportunities that we have. It is not something that we seem to take notice of or see the value in. We have been blessed yet there is not a lot of thankfulness shown.

You and I have come a long way and have been pushing through so many things that I sometimes wonder how we are still here fighting. Many times I know you wanted to run but yet you stayed and you persevered. I sit and wonder how we managed for so long. the journey here has been hard and bumpy and we have a few scars as souvenirs but we are still here right?

It is not every day that we get to the chance to sit and reflect so let us make the most of it. There is a couple of things I wanted to let you know so here goes nothing;

One, DO NOT GIVE UP WRITING. I know for the last couple of months we have been stuck on what to write and on what direction we should head but I am glad that we have picked up our pen once again. I know we have been struggling with what our purpose was. Was anyone actually listening or reading? Does it even matter? Is my voice even important? It is something that we have been conflicted about and I am thankful you did not just give up and walked away.

Two, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP. At times, I know that we watch our feet and is constantly trying to micromanage the direction of the steps that we take but sometimes I wonder what beauties we have missed on the way here. I understand that we are constantly thinking of our next travel destination, next big event or our next big life-changing moment but I just hope that we do not miss out on everything that is happening now. Enjoy these moments, make some memories and spend time with those we love. Do not always been looking down, Brown Girl. Time is fleeting and I know that we will regret missing out on precious time that we have with our loved ones. Do not let that happen. Look up and enjoy the view once in a while.

Three, TAKE YOUR TIME. I know we have a lot of pressure from all around us to do better, to be better. I just want you to know and understand that our walk is our own and no matter what anyone says, we make the decisions. Our path is not determined by time or accomplishments that others deem worthy of acknowledgment but by milestones that we set for ourselves. Slow down and think with a clear head. We are not urgently trying to get anywhere plus who’s timeline are we following but our own? Just because others have gone full steam ahead does not mean we have to follow suit. Slowing down also does not mean that we have to come to a complete stop but rather, it does mean that we do not have to rush forward because who are we racing against?

Brown Girl, we need to reflect on our actions and the words that we say to and about others. The fourth thing that I want to point out is that we need to watch our tongue. Are we not guilty of spitting our words before taking into consideration their implications? Have we not hurt others simply because we chose to speak in a certain manner? Girl, LOVE yourself enough to know your worth and that no matter what anyone says, we know who we are! Also, RESPECT yourself enough not to stoop to their level of pettiness. Do not lower yourself just so that you can clap back at something someone said about you. Watch what you say and if you know that what is about to come out of your mouth is both disrespectful and cruel, then it is better to just keep it shut. No need to lie, Brown Girl, we both know this is something that we need to work on.

Even after all of this, I am proud of you, how far you have come and how you have dealt with all the ups and downs you have gone through. Never forget that. You are on your way there and you do not need anyone’s praise or justification for how you live your life. Never stop reaching higher than the standards that they have set for you and do not let anyone tell you that you can not get there.

I am proud of you, Brown Girl.


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