Dear Boy Who Broke My Heart

Dear Boy Who Broke My Heart,

Thank you.

Thank you teaching me that I do deserve better. Thank you for teaching me that I am worth so much more than how you treated me. Thank you for giving me a lesson that I will never ever want to learn again.

I am not angry anymore at you or how you treated me. I have learned to let go and be thankful for the good times that we did have. It was not all bad and for that, I am also thankful. I think when we go through a break up we tend to think about that very moment of pain but forget that there were some good times that we shared between us. I am no longer angry at you and I no longer think of you as often as I did before. You are no longer what I think of first when I have good news to share and you are only on my mind when I am reminded by something but somehow, that no longer happens as often as it use to. You are no longer someone I think of and honestly, this is the first time I have thought of you in months.

I only thought of you today after cleaning out a jewellery box that was in the bottom of my bottom draws underneath a whole bunch of clothes that I no longer wear and is heading to a donation box somewhere. Underneath a lot bracelets and random bits and pieces that I no longer wear, there lies a gift that I received from you. A necklace with your initials in the front and mine in the back and it brought back the memories of you saying “Behind every great man is a great woman pushing him forward” copying what I tell you every time I do something for you. It caught me off guard as I thought I gave back everything that you ever gave me.

I’m just going to let you know now though that it has changed and that “Behind every successful woman is HERSELF”.

This made me think of not how we broke up and how ugly of a situation it was but of the good times we did have. It was not all bad and there were many great moments of happiness, laughter and a different kind of tears. The happy kind.

We don’t keep in touch and honestly, after how we ended things, I never expected to. I don’t know what to do with the necklace as I will never wear it but it’s been such a long time that it would be awkward to mail you again about sending it back.

You broke my heart but I am no longer angry at you. I don’t think I think of you enough to be able to say that you can really have an effect on my emotions. I wish you all the best for the future but I hope we never cross paths again. I think we made it to our crossroads and it is best if we continue on the paths that we are on, separately. You do you and I do me. My heart is fully recovered with beautiful battle scars and they are mine to show proudly that I went through something that made me broken but I have been strong enough to pick myself up and have managed to stick myself back together piece by piece.

Thank you.


Yours Truly,

Thankful but Never Again.

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