Global Day of Parents

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It’s always a good to have the chance to thank our Parents or Parent for everything that they do for us. For Global Day of Parents I just wanted to take the chance to write about how thankful I am for everything that my parents has done. The sacrifices that they have made and the amount of things that they have had to go through to be able to give me a better chance at life does not go unnoticed though at times I do feel that I am ungrateful for all that they have done for me. From moving to a whole other country to giving up life as they knew it so that I can get a better education to the simplest things such as working hard to provide me with what I need. I will forever cherish the love and support that they have given me as I grow and learn more from them each and every day.

At times I feel that we take our parents for granted. I know that sometimes we succeed and instead of thinking about those who made it possible for us to get to this point, we praise ourself and think that this is the reward for our own efforts. For some people that may be the case and they have worked for all that they have gained in life. For myself however, nothing has ever been possible without the support and encouragement that my parents have given me. They are there when I need them and are always willing to lend a listening ear, a word of advice and sometimes during my lowest points, a shoulder to cry on. Nothing that I have or have received is solely from my own efforts. Thinking of the past, I realised just how immature most of my past decisions were and how much trouble I would have gotten myself into if not for parents either stopping me of directing me in a different way.

My parents gave up everything they had for me when we moved from Tonga to New Zealand. They gave up everything that they had including their friends and family all so that I may have a better chance at life. Education was an important factor in why they also wanted to move. Moving was not an easy decision for them to make but after a lot of consideration and thinking, they made the choice of starting over. I know that they were extremely homesick and sad when first moving. They missed all the people that they loved and also their home. They had built themselves a home and I know that to leave that behind must have been difficult on them. As a child I did not understand how much they left behind and they made a lot of effort to hide this fact from me. I can not thank them enough for all that they have done and also for the sacrifices that they made for me.

Life isn’t always easy but I do have to thank my parents for everything that they have done and always continue to do. Nothing would be mean more to me than making them proud. That itself is a complete work of progress but one day this will all be worth it. I may be a bit late for this as it was yesterday but I hope that everyone out there take the time to appreciate their parents once in a while not just on Mothers or Fathers day.


Yours Truly,

A Daughter


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