Very Very Very IOI

Soooooo this is probably a really old Music Video but I wanted to review it anyways! IOI is one of my all time favourite groups and how is it possible that I do not have a review of their Music Video?! Somi is one of my new Biases (which you can see in my last bias list which will be updated very soon) and I was extremely excited to when they were having this comeback as 11 members however it was bittersweet as it was their last ever as a group of 11. I believe that if they were given enough time, they would have been a really big group. I can not believe that there will no longer be music from them and it saddens me to think about how they disbanded.


Click her to watch the video for yourself 


Fist of all, can we talk about this Yellow? The corridors and the colours brings a bright and freshness that practically screams IOI to me. It’s unusual yet works for them as it is playful and unusual which is exactly like the group itself where the members are lively, mischievous and cheerful but are from different entertainment companies which is a completely new concepts in terms of creating girl groups.


This shot stands out to me because it seems like they are playing games such as hide and seek. The members crossing their arms does seem to make them feel closed off or stand offish which contrasts with the bright colours that seem to draw you in. It’s like giving off a beautiful and warm feeling but at the same time it’s like they are wanting space.

Yoojung in middle is too cute as well. As the smallest member (I think), she totally embraces the cute character in the group even though she is no where near being the maknae. screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-7-31-29-pm

Adidas anyone? Even though it is quite a weird shot, somehow it tied in with the rest of the Music Video. Is it weird for me to say that? Somehow this shot makes me think of controlled chaos. Where all the socks are different colours or shapes and then it’s like it’s all shill together as the shoes are all the same as well as the colour of the background and the group being the same. It may be weird but it somehow works for me.


Then there is the Goddess that is Somi! Beautiful as always. What I love about the music video as well is how amazing all the girls look. From their hair and makeup to their individual styling as well as the colours that were chosen. Each girl looks bright and fresh! I love the red sport concept which somehow also reminds me of their dream girls outfits when they looked like cheerleaders. It’s as if they now are the ones being cheered for and not cheering of someone else.


Mina! Isn’t she cute? Her cheeks were too cute during her Produce 101 and IOI days but now she slays with how amazing she looks. I do worry for her health with loosing so much weight and I do hope that she is taking care of herself. She is still cute in our eyes but now she is becoming a woman and no longer our little Mina.


I would have to say that out of everyone’s hair and makeup, Chungha would be my favourite! Her hair is too cute! She slays us now with her solo music but it’s nice to watch these music videos and remember that Chungha also has this side to her. Her solo endeavours are doing really well and I love how she is always showing love and support to her IOI sisters. Chungha has IOI in her heart and we have them in ours. I can’t wait to see more from what this Goddess can do and maybe one day we can see this Chungha again but if now, I won’t be complaining because how good does she look when she’s dancing to one of her tracks?


These outfits give me life! I love how it’s simple and cute yet allows each of them to have a different personality in their clothes yet still looks unified. The red and white looks so good on them! Whoever the stylist was for this music video, I just want to thank you! These were so much better than their Dream Girls outfits, which in my opinion looked a little bit cheap and rushed. They might not be but thats just how it looked like to me.

Also, can we just talk about the fact the the room that they are in is upside down? It looks like a basketball court or gymnasium but what is weird is that the girls are standing on the lights and the floor, along with all the equipment, are overhead. I don’t know why this is but it does make for an interesting shot.


Okay throughout the video at different times we see the girls in this interesting shot where multiple versions of themselves appear in a room doing different things. Like Somi above, they are either standing or sitting or just generally doing different actions like being on the phone or lifting their arms. They also appear in time to the music. It just makes you wonder how loud it would have been for IOI to live together if they had that many versions of themselves.


Sejeong is giving us life with her expressions! We all know that she can pretty much do whatever she wants when she puts her mind to it and this is no exception. We generally see her struggling with aegyo and we know her as Uncle for her personality. From acting to singing to even being a MC, we know our girl can do it all! I do hope that she is getting a lot of rest and that she is taking care of her health. I understand that she is working but she is also human and needs to take some time for herself. She looks cute during this Music Video even though she may deny it. I hope one day we can see this concept from her once again even though she may feel unfordable with it. screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-7-33-35-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-28-at-7-33-58-pm

I live for this look! I always say that Somi looks better in more of a girl crush concept because she is awkward with aegyo like Sejeong but I do think that she slays this look! The blank stare feel a bit funny because I do feel like she is looking right into my soul. I think the glitter freckles look so cute on her and the makeup  with the slightly thinker cat eyes makes her eyes look so much more captivating. It’s not often that we get to see Somi with thicker eyeliner so it’s a refreshing change.


Again we see the upside down room which someone looking out which I assume is Chaeyeon. It just makes an interesting shot as we see all the equipment stay in place even though it should be falling due to gravity. There isn’t much going on within this frame but it does make for a refreshing and interesting shot. It isn’t everyday we see a room upside down. What I also like about this room is the detail that has been put into it. For instance the balls with the bucket and also the rackets on the wall along with the chair. What I found funny was the fact that there is no net on the hoop and how the exit sign is spelt wrong. Instead of E-X-I-T they have it spelt T-I-X with a backwards E. It’s such a small detail that can be missed easily but somehow it makes a difference in how this room is seen.


Our Chaeyeon looking as gorgeous as ever! I hope she gets more time to shine through dramas and more music from DIA. She is so pretty and I hope that some director takes notice of her soon. I also wish her all the best in her ventures in DIA and I hope she is feeling better after loosing a member. She is hard working and do home that in the near future she gets more opportunity to shine.


Anyone else think of ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ when looking at this image? Well, I most certainly did even though the eggs are not green and there is no ham in the image. I guess that is what happens when you read Dr Seuss so much as a child. Also, I just want to ask why the sad faces in this image? They look so gloomy!


Our Yeonjung with the voice of an angel! Can we just stop and mention just how under appreciated this girl is? She has an insane amount of talent and can sing so amazingly well yet we don’t see much from her other than when her group releases their next songs. I mean, is there no solo ventures that this girl can do? There should be multiple dramas out there that can use her voice for an ost! I hope that our girl can have more opportunities to shine! With a voice like hers, I am surprised that she isn’t getting more opportunities from Starship Entertainment like Hyorin did with Sistar. I understand that the girls of Cosmic Girls are getting more opportunities outside of just working within the group and that is great and all but could they not have a unit or something? I understand that Cheng Xiao was a mentor on Producer and now two other members are also venturing out into China by being on the Chinese version of Produce 101 but I just hope that the other girls could also have the opportunity to be on other projects as well. I wish all the best for Yeonjung and that she can let her voice shine.


Yoojung! She already is too adorable and as IOI’s fake maknae, we know that she can pull off the cute concept really well. The pleated mini skirt along with the matching red and white top really does make her look like a small cheerleader which is further emphasised by the big bow on the top of her head. I think that she really suits the sport concept as well so I really this music video really does suit her.

So as most people know, Weki Meki’s company Fantagio has been going through some issues which makes me worried about both Yoojung and Doyeon who is also in the same group. I understand that things are starting to be smoothed out but there is still a lot of unanswered questions on the directions that the company is heading and what the future of these girls is going to be like. I hope Yoojung gets to be on more variety shows as she really does have a knack for it and that she will be able to share more of her personality and quirky ways with the world. I also hope that Weki Meki gets more recognition and that they succeed as a group.


Our Stone Leader Nayoung! Can we just appreciate how great she looks with this light brown slightly red hair colour? The choker looks great on her and the makeup is beautiful especially the red lippy. I felt that we really did watch her come out of her shell from the beginning of Produce 101 where she slayed performances but when it came to being able to express herself, it was a completely different story to now where she is also able to take on other concepts that isn’t always girl crush. We got to see a lot of her journey and I hope that we will get to see more of this side of her and that Pristin hopefully would try this concept even though it is unlikely. She looks great and her rapping in this was great! She rode that beat like a queen!


I really do love Mina’s rap in this song. It wasn’t really a side that we had seen of her before as most of the rapping parts were taken care of by our leader Nayoung and Yoojung. It’s a refreshing change and honestly one that I was not expecting. I think the rap suits her and it is great that we get to see more of what she can do. I also think that the tone of her voice suits this particular song and that the section really feels like it belongs to her and just her. She sounds great and I hope that more opportunities will arise from Gugudan where we get to see more of this side of Mina.


Peek a boo! I really like this shot because even though they look so absent and slightly blank, they still are able to look super pretty and not creepy.


Penguin Sohye looks really great with curly hair! This is a look that we have never seen from Sohye who usually has her hair straight or slightly wavy. The full curly look looks great on her and it softens her features even more. I love the makeup once again with the glitter freckles and the slightly thicker eyeliner and the touch of red and pink in her lipstick and her blush. I would really like to commend whoever their makeup artist is on this Music Video because the girls look amazing and it’s a refreshing change from their usual looks.

I do have to say that even though Sohye will probably never debut as a singer like most of the girls have done or is going to, I will always remember this version of her. I understand that she is first and foremost an actress and that is most likely what she will stick to but I hope that one day she will return to being on the stage and if not by going solo, maybe during an IOI reunion. I hope that we get to see more of her flexing her acting talents and that she can get more roles that she can show her skills in.


Anyone else notice the fact that Sejeong is taking Somi’s eggs? Also she already has three plates in front of her.


The first thing that I noticed about this image of Kulkyung, also know as Pinky, is the fact that her eyebrows are a completely different colour to her hair. While her hair is a light brown colour, her eyebrows are of a red colour matching her eyeliner. I also happen to notice that it is also the same shade of Nayoung’s hair and eyebrows. I don’t quite understand this decision but I do have to say that I appreciate the bedazzling just above her eyes. I like her accessories are cute and that she looks great. Other than the eyebrows which I don’t understand, I have no complaints.

Kulkyung was a mentor in China for Producer alongside Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao who also happens to be Yeonjung’s group mate. It was great opportunity for her to show off her dancings skills and let’s be honest, she did amazing! A lot of her people had been criticising her for the fact that she herself was still a rookie in the music world and that she didn’t quite have the same experience as the other mentors and also for the fact that she was quite critical when it comes to some of the trainee’s dancing but I think that she did a great job. She was honest, gave great advice and overall did a really awesome job for someone who was criticised for not having enough experience. I do hope she gets more opportunities like this and that we see her working even harder.


When I look at these images and while watching the music video all I can think of is how much fun they must have had together. It’s great to be able to watch these music videos from IOI and just know that they will forever be legends. They were an amazing group that left a big impression on the KPOP world within such a small time. I feel that these girls had a genuine connection with each other and it shows to even today after years of being disbanded. I love the love that these girls have for each other and the support that they also show each other. How big would these girls have been if they were a permanent group?


In this shot we see Chaeyeon create magic, which of course I know is not real, with these two white and yellow Ping Pong balls. While blankly staring ahead right at us, she hits them together which creates an egg. I do not quite understand why there is so much eggs in this music video or the symbolism behind it but it is interesting. I wonder if there is a story behind why there is so much eggs and why it just keeps reoccurring.


I have mentioned this before about these scenes where multiple versions of the girls appear but I just wanted to also talk about how great the people who made, shot, organised and edited the video. These beautiful images of the girls would not be possible if the people behind the scenes didn’t do a great shot. There is a lot that is worked behind the scenes in order for us to be able to enjoy the 3 minutes and 27 seconds that we see. It is not a simple task and I think those who worked on this video should be recognised for their work.

Can you also imagine having this many Chunghas and then forming a group of them? How legendary would that group be?!


These images really highlight such great features of the girls and hence why I also included them in this review. There isn’t much happening but I just appreciated how great they looked and so included them in this. Again, thank you to the wardrobe, makeup artist and the hairdressers that had words hard in order for them to look this great in the video.


So last but not least, the last IOI member that I have yet to specifically talk about which is Doyeon. Doyeon our residential model and all-around stunning yet completely goofy girl.  She always looks amazing so seeing how beautiful she looks in this music video came as no surprise. I think her makeup is the least out of all the girls but with a face like hers, who needs it? Like most of the girls she sports a chocker and not a lot of other accessories the than her earrings. The colour red really suits her and so the lipstick along with the red polo shirt really does seem to bring out the best of her. The yellow bow is a nice touch of colour which I thought would clash with the red but weirdly enough, it doesn’t. Maybe I should not have judged this look before actually looking at her properly.

We all know that she is a model for Maybelline New York and she looks stunning in her photoshoots for the brand and that through Weki Meki, we get to see more of girl crush, strong independent vibe from her but like I said before, I do worry about the future of her and Yoojung as there have been multiple happenings within her company. I do hope that we get to see her in more photoshoots like we have been seeing of the other girls like Somi and that her beauty isn’t forgotten. I think she has a bright future ahead of her like all the other girls and that Doyeon can hopefully in the near future be able to flex her other talents.


So in the end of the song, the girls do this shimmying movement with their shoulders as they move closer towards each other. People have been saying that this looks weird and that the song doesn’t feel like it’s ending as we are accustomed to seeing groups pose at the end of their song and standing really still. I, on the other hand, quite like the uniqueness of how they end this song and actually find it less boring that when we just see them standing still with the camera moving from one member to another. It’s quite quirky and it truly is quite funky. It isn’t your typical ending in the KPOP scene but I do believe that it reflects IOI really well as they also are not your typical kpop group.


So coming to the end, I just have to say that I really love this group and that it will forever be one of my top groups of all time. In such a small time they lift a big mark and I do believe that they did great in the time that they were given. I will always watch these videos and appreciate what they have given to the KPOP world and will always support them on their individual endeavours as well.

I really liked this song and I do think that JYP wrote a song that reflects IOI and how rare and unique they are. It was upbeat and I think it suits their voices as well. I do however think that if Somi was not in the group and was not representing his company, he would have never even thought to write them a song. I think that because she did so well in winning number 1 and became the centre of the group, he was willing to take part but who knows? Maybe I am wrong.

I wish all the girls luck on everything that they work on in the future and I also just want to thank other IOI fans out there who still love and support all the girls. I know it’s hard sometimes and also people question why we still are IOI fans but I want you all to know that you keep strong because we don’t have to listen to those who hate on us. Keep supporting and keep loving.


Yours truly,



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