Katie Kim leaves YG Entertainment

Katie Kim has probably got one of the most insane voice that has ever appeared on Kpop Star which is probably why she won season 4 back in 2015 and moved on to sign with YG Entertainment. I was probably a little bit late in discovering who she was which was weird considering I had been a fan of Korean music for a while.. like a long while! I came across a video of her singing a cover of ‘Killing me softly with his song‘ by the Fugees, which had the vocals of Lauryn Hill.

After watching that video in 2016 and finding out that she had actually won, I went on to trying to find more videos of her but only came across a couple of other videos of covers that she had sung during the competitions and of her singing. I found this quite weird considering the fact that she had actually WON the competitions but was also signed on to one of the Big 3 entertainment companies of Korea. Not only had she not debuted, like other singers that had won Kpop Star, but she had only appeared a few times in other people’s concerts or song. I was highly disappointed. It is like there’s a lot of talent in YG but we only get to see a small fraction of them.

Finally news has come out that she has left YG, which a lot of people are saying is like breaking out of dungeon, and has signed on with another company. Now, theres a few particulars that I don’t get but it sounds like she has just signed on to a company that is created by the producers of YG? So it’s basically like she’s still under YG? I don’t know whether or not this is correct and I most likely am not seeing the bigger picture so, I apologise if this information is wrong.

However, I don’t really care about this. What I care about is if we are FINALLY going to see a proper debut from her and if we are going to start seeing her release original music. I would love to see her singing more on stage where she gets to show off her vocals. The way she sings not so common in Kpop music where singers have a more clean and very clear voice. She has more a more dirty kind of soulful voice that I think only a few Kpop singers have. It would be amazing to see her sing more songs to show off just how talented she is.

Understandably there is a lot of Netizens who are angry over the poor management of Katie and well, a few other things as well that hasn’t been properly handled. I do think that YG Entertainment could have done a lot of things differently and could have debuted her a lot sooner. She has spent 3 years in the company with really nothing to show for it. I am surprised she even chose to stay for as long as she had.

There is nothing really to say other than GOOD LUCK KATIE! I can’t wait for her debut and for the music she will be bringing in to this world. YG lost (or didn’t lose?) a really talented singer and I hope that whatever company that she has now signed with will showcase all that she has to offer. I am excited and will continue to wait for her debut.


Yours Truly,

Katie Fan

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