Being Opinionated

The greatest thing that someone had said today to me was that I was too opinionated. What exactly does being ‘too opinionated’ even mean? Am I not allowed to have a say on what is going around me and speak out about it? Am I just suppose to sit down and shut up about it?

What got me was not the fact that they were not happy about my opinion but the fact that I had actually spoken up about it. They told me, “It’s fine to think what you want but you don’t always need to say it out loud. You are way too opinionated.”

I understand that some things should never be spoke out loud especially if affects others negatively or creates problems but all I had simply said to them was that I thought that we need to be able to express thoughts and emotions rather than bottling things up and hurting ourselves.

It was in reply to someone who had a hard time deciding whether or not they should tell their family about how she is struggling and rather than helping them in a way that was constructive, the conversation then turned to how people need to share less. Which I may add was the complete opposite to what we were suppose to be discussing. It was not only disappointing but also discouraging because we not only veered so off track from the original topic but it also ended up in a way that had a negative effect on others, myself included.

I understand that I do tend to say what I am thinking because honestly, I don’t know if I’m going to be here tomorrow to be able to say them. It is my opinion and honestly I do tend to say what I have on my mind unless I know it will hurt the person that I am talking to, in which I will keep my mouth shut and keep it to myself. I do admit, sometimes I do let a few slip and I say things out loud without thinking and I probably  will end up hurting whoever I am talking to. I am human, I make mistakes, sue me.

Being too opinionated is not something that I have ever had a problem with before. I have always been encouraged to share what I think and say what is on my mind by my family and I do not think that that will change any time soon. I know my limits on what I can say and what I can not say.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not upset nor hateful towards the person who had said it to me. I don’t think of them differently or treat them any different either. I guess it was just an eye opener that some people do not always value what you say to them, even if you have been friends for a while and thought that you were in a comfortable enough place in your friendship to be able to tell them what you feel.

I am not naming no names and shaming people because that is just way too petty. I think I am just sharing this experience (as a very opinionated person) to encourage others who have been told that they talk too much or have also been told that they are too opinionated to seep being you. Tell the world what you think (without being a complete ass of course) and let them know that you are not going to be boxed up and kept quiet.

Yours truly,

A VERY opinionated female.

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