Starting again

It has been roughly two years since I last posted on here. I had lost interest, had nothing to write about and generally felt that there was not point on even sharing what I had to say. I do feel that a lot of people do feel this way, especially writers. Every time I sat down, opened my laptop up and prepared to write, absolutely nothing would come to me or make me feel inspired to write.

I realised that I was my own worse enemy when it came to writing. I was the person who was nitpicking at all the mistakes that I made. I was the one who was actually discouraging myself from writing. Nothing I wrote about was ever good enough for me and so I would just discard whatever I had written.

So, now I have decided to just write. Whatever I write will be published regardless of whether or not I was completely happy with it because this is the only way for me to learn that I will never get better at writing until I learn to just trust in my words. Most of these would not be great material but this is suppose to be a way for me to improve the way that I write and how I write. I admit, most of the work that will be published is not going to be great content and that it is just going to be a lot of just me giving my opinion (not that anyone really cares) and sharing what I have to say.

So this is a welcome back post to those who have been checking up on this page even when I have not posted in a long while! Thank you for those who have been checking in on the page and patiently waiting!

There is nothing else really to say but continue to read if you would like and thank you!

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