Standing with Yang Ye Won and Suzy

So lately I have been reading about an incident that has happened with Suzy, who is a Korean Singer, Actress, Model and an all around talented person/artist who is under JYP Entertainment. I had been a huge fan of her previous work within her now disbanded group Miss A, who was also managed by JYP Entertainment, and in some of her dramas such as Dream High.

So basically what has happened is a Youtuber named Yang Ye Won who was sexually harassed and her story is a sad one where she gets forced to wear revealing lingerie, was molested sexually by 20 men and was forced to return back five more times to take part in photoshoots after being threatened about the photos being leaked online.

She starts by saying “All the people who love me told me that I’m a victim so I shouldn’t hide and be in pain. So I’ve gained the confidence and want to reveal how there are many victims and bad people doing bad things in Korea.”

She posted a video to her channel with the title ‘I’m a victim of a sex crime. Please listen to my story.‘ on May 16 with the video being watched over 4.8 million times since being uploaded.

Here is the Link to her Video

What started off as an innocent application to a part time modelling job has instead turned into a nightmare where she not only got sexually molested but also had her pictures leaked online and to her boyfriend and those around her. What is even worse is the hate that she has received after those photos were online. Not only had she had to endure the pain of what she had to go through and was probably too scared to say something to anyone, she now had the weight of people’s hate from something that she couldn’t really control and honestly my heart goes out to her.

Suzy, who was previously mentioned, posted about how she is supporting a Blue House petition that was started by Netizens (basically the Citizens of the internet) that demand a thorough investigation and also punishment for those who were behind the nude photoshoot. She had posted a screenshot of her agreement to this petition through her instagram story . Her support is great but unfortunately for Suzy she is now possibly being sued by a Photo Studio who was mistakenly associated with the case with Yang Ye Won.

Here’s the thing, yes they had some damages to their building and yes they seem to need some repairs done on the damages but technically Suzy was not wrong in tagging the location of the Studio which was where the Studio who leaked the nude photos were previously at.

My question is, would this Studio really take things this far if it wasn’t someone famous? Would they really go as far as taking this legal action if they didn’t think that they can get money out of the person they were suing?

The answer is NO. They most certainly wouldn’t.

Even after Suzy had publicly apologised for her mistake through her Instagram page, they still refused to meeting and a personal apology saying, “We believe that if one were to sign a petition which blatantly reveals a studio’s location and name and accuses it of illegal activity, and if one were to want to share one’s signature on the petition via their public SNS, then they should at least act after confirming at least some truths… [You] must have never thought about how much damage and pain a celebrity’s influence can have on an innocent, normal person…” The studio continued, “We hope that this incident will be a lesson to all celebrities, for them to learn how much damage a sudden influential act can cause.”

In my personal opinion, this Studio is doing it for the money they could possibly gain through suing someone who not only had money but was being managed by a successful entertainment company as well. They are trying to gain money through a time of pain for someone and through a act of kindness by someone else. Rather than being more understanding, meeting Suzy face to face and being calm and level minded adults about all of these things, they chose instead to consult some legal officials to see what actions that they can take legally. Honestly, this would never had happened if Suzy was just a normal person who made a mistake. Yes, I understand that she has a massive following and that she probably gave it more media attention by signing, but seriously?! This video had already been seen over 2 millions times within 24 hours.

I wish Ye Won all the best with the healing process that she would have to go through and send her as much love as possible. Nothing is more sad than knowing someone is in so much pain that they have thought many times on taking their own life. Be strong Ye Won and know that there are many people out there who love you and support you.

Thank you Suzy! You had tried to be a good person and show kindness to someone who needed your support but is being overshadowed by people who, in my opinion, are acting selfishly and greedy. Be more of who you are and not who people want you to be! Thank you…

I stand with these two women in their times of struggles.

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