“It always seems impossible until it’s done”

We seem to always get it into our head that what we have never seen be achieved by someone is something that is unachievable. Since we have never seen someone reach that point in life, we become certain that no one ever will. So what we do is we tend to just leave it, we forget about that dream and we push it to someone else to do and then we follow once we witness their success. We have the mentality of ‘see it to believe it’ which can hinder the growth of one’s spirit and knowledge.

As a part of a minority who does not tend to do amazing academically, I know that I am categorised in a certain way which does not shine a particularly bright or nice light on me. As a proud Tongan, I do know that certain people would have views on who we are. It is understandable though for me that some of us are not as fortunate as others in this field considering our background. We are immigrants, or children of immigrants, who have come here with little knowledge of the english language which does put us back a bit but that does not mean we are ashamed of our heritage and of where we come from.

Working hard is always a must and pushing yourself past what you think is your limit is a daily occurrence. I love where I come from and I will love where I will go no matter what that is. I have no shame in saying that I will work hard to getting myself to where I want to be and will not stop till I get there. At times it is a bit unclear and things happen that is out of my control but if I stay focused and stop caring so much about what other people think of me then I will get there. I have a great support system from Family, friends and colleagues and I know that my parents will have my back no matter what I decide.

Life is all about reaching the things that you never thought possible or reaching all the things that you wanted in life. Even though it might take me a while and it may take a lot of time and effort, I refuse to quit.

I wish that I could have told this to my younger self. That there was a way to tell myself that things are possible if I just put my mind to it. I wish that I would have known this then maybe, just maybe, things would have been different. I hope that this maybe a message that I could convey to others. Something that I could show others that nothing is impossible. Maybe this is what my life was meant to be like yet I feel as if this is still something I struggle with.

Looking and moving forward yet remembering those who came before us. Paving a way for those in the future but never forgetting those who got us here in the first place.


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