List Of KPOP Bias

1)JESSICA JUNGjessica-jung-high-cut-magazine-vol-163-2015-december-photos

Jessica Jung has always been my ultimate Bias. She was the reason why I even started loving Kpop and all things Korean. Jessica is one of the TOP beauties of the Kpop industry. Not only does she have a pretty face but she has the voice and talent to back her up. My Ultimate bias is her and no matter what she decides in the future I will always support her! Jessica FIGHTING!

2) JEON SOMI (JYP / IOI) ccjiozuuyaa8tgi

I loved her in JYP’s survival show SIXTEEN along side Chaeryeon (who I can not wait to debut). She was bubbly and even though she lacked a bit of confidence and sass in SIXTEEN she proved herself in the new MNET survival show PRODUCE 101. She is second on my Bias list! Not only did she have the pressure of being from one of the ‘BIG3’ companies in Korea’s Entertainment Industry, she also had to endure the pressure of proving herself. She not only came back with a lot more confidence but she also showed great improvement. I love her for the fact that she didn’t give up so easily and keeps getting up when knocked down and chases her dreams. Not only did she make the top 11 in the show enabling her to DEBUT but she also won! She placed number 1 out of 101 girls and will debut as the ‘centre’ of the group named IOI where she will be active for one year then return to JYP to debut there.


What can I say? The gene pool of this family is gorgeous beyond compare.Chic and gorgeous! Unique voice with amazing visuals to boost! Her cuteness towards to her sister is completely adorable considering her image. One of the top visuals in the industry and I truly think she has both the amazing talent and looks to continue in this field of work for many many years.

4) BORA (SISTAR)screen20shot202015-02-1920at2011-10-4820am

Sexy, Cute, Sassy, Fierce, bubbly… Seriously think she is one of the most underrated kpop star out there! Her dancing is honestly one of the best out of all the stars out there and she can rap! She is fit with one of the best bodies there is and honestly love her personality! Through many variety shows, I have come to be a huge fan of Bora! Wish she was given the limelight a lot more!

5) NANA (AFTERSCHOOL)after-school-nana-bnt-june-2015

This fashionista is another chic lady who has caught my attention! Nana impressed with her great outfits, her weird aegyo and her overall model look! She looks beyond beautiful in whatever she wears and

6) JUN HYOSEONG (SECRET)tumblr_n5fyx5x7kw1rm7fruo1_500

I love her confidence. She’s talented and funny and always brings something new to the table whenever she’s on a show. I started to really love her when she was in Oh My School and fell in love with Secret as well. She also dances amazingly well! She’s sexy, cute and charisma all rolled into one hell of a woman.

7) MIN (MISS A)min

Another talented dancer! Plus she has the personality to boost! Always bringing laughs whenever she’s on shows and knows how to work the crowd. I loved Min from when the debuted and will continue to support her even though she hasn’t been doing much lately other than her music. She’s a fireball and a force to be reckon with and I hope that we see more from her. JYP PLEASE LET MISS A HAVE A COMEBACK!

8) JOY (RED VELVET)tumblr_inline_o9uy2hqftv1rayyhu_1280

I first started knowing Red Velvet’s Joy from We Got Married. I obviously knew who she was due to the fact that she was an artist from SM Entertainment and got a lot more promotion as they are one of the Big 3 Companies but I didn’t really pay attention to her until she appeared on We Got Married. I think it showcased her beauty and her bubbly personality amazingly well and she got to show more of her funny side. I think with the whole image thing that comes with the territory of being a artist in the Kpop industry, Joy was able to reinvent herself by showing more of a purer side to her. It showed her innocence and happiness as well as a part of her struggle with the constant harsh comments on her physical image. I also loved her voice which is underrated in her group in my opinion. By then again, so is the vocals of  Seulgi as well.

9) WENDY (RED VELVET)g6oyuec

What can I say? This beauty is slowly creeping up my Bias List and is causing Havoc! Wendy has a voice to die for and as I hear more and more from her, she constantly climbs up my Bias list. She not only is a beauty with amazing vocals, she also showcases herself amazingly well and she is smart to boost. I love her reactions on shows and to be honest, at first I thought she was faking some of it (massive apology for ever thinking that way) but as I watched more and more shows that she was been a guest on, I realise that she is just one of those genuine people that have big reactions. Her facial expressions are cutely hilarious and her husky voice imitations always causes me to laugh! What are you doing girl?! You’re breaking my Bias List!

10) Ailee (Solo Artist) 5928223_orig

Vocal Powerhouse, arguably one of the best vocalists in the industry! How can you not love her? She’s strong enough on her own and when she hits those notes.. well DAMN! She’s climbing up my bias list due to her constant charismatic stages but what I love about her as well is how when she shares stages with anyone (especially new and upcoming artists) she doesn’t hog the limelight but shares it. A beauty with a kind heart with the voice of an angle.



So this is my top ten female bias.. it changes from time to time so maybe I will post an updated version in a couple of months.




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