Jessica Jung – Fly lyrical review

Invisible in the fog
I have to find myself, yeah

I feel as if Jessica is talking about how she felt after Girls Generation and everything that has happened. As if she is saying that she is lost with only herself to help her in this journey alone and now she no longer stands with 8 other girls. Is she referring to how confused she was during the time she was allegedly outed from the group? I feel as if by saying ‘find myself’ Jessi\a is talking about creating the new image for herself as ‘Jessica Jung the fashion designer and Solo artist’ rather than ‘Girls Generation’s Jessica’.

The Fog can represent many things. Fog is mysterious and unpredictable and can come out of no where without warning. It creates uncertainty and has a lot of hidden truths. It also symbolises confusion, danger and perception change where she may have lost her sense of direction. However, it can also be a metaphor to her mental world and an insight to how she may been lost and invisible to herself in her mind.


The hope in that small light
Just by thinking about it, you’ll find

I have wondered and thought about what this ‘hope’ Jessica is singing about. What is the ‘small light’ she is referring to?

To have a small light, she has to be in darkness. Could this darkness be the period of time in between now and when she was out of the group? I feel as if this is about how she must have felt like when she was told she had to choose between her group and her company which she has worked hard to create.

In saying that, I feel like when she talks about hope she is talking about those who stood by her side. Her family, her sister, her friends and her fans that have been waiting for her return (not so patiently). With this, I feel like she had to have a lot of courage to be able to put herself out there again and create music knowing that a lot of people were hating on her unnecessarily.

It gives us encouragement that no matter what happens and no matter what we go through we will always have hope and we will always find it. When she says ‘thinking’ it refers back to this idea that she is talking more about her mental world in her mind rather than the physical one that she lives in.


When I hold my hand out
To that high place
It feels like I can touch

Somehow this feels like to me that she is talking about how she had hopes of reaching the hight that SNSD once gave her. I am not saying that she wants to be back in the group but it seems as if she is saying that she wants to be doing well again as herself rather than in the group. I feel like the high place is maybe somewhere happy and stable.

When she says that she feels like she can touch it makes it sound as if this ‘high place’ is out of reach or unobtainable.


Days I looked forward to
Are they closer now?

I wonder what days she could be talking about. Is it the day of her debut where she can show her vocals and her love for her fans? Or is she talking about a more bigger picture here where it talks about a more happier time in her life? I wonder if this is talking about a time where she can say that she has pushed through all the bad times and have come to more peaceful place in her life where she does not have to constantly worry about so much.

Obviously she is not there yet as she says ‘are they closer now’ letting us know that it is in the future and is something that she is looking forward to. It also connects to this idea of the unknown which is shown through the last few lines of her lyrics.


I can draw it in the sky

This is basically letting us know that she can touch the sky which means that the sky is her limit. This lets us know that she can do anything! Rather than saying ‘touch’ though she says draw which puts a more happier tone to the wording of the lyrics. Saying that she can draw it in the sky gives me that imagery of Wendy in Peter Pan when she flies through the sky past the big ben and such as they head to Neverland. This gives me hope that it can be done and whatever dreams we have is reachable and achievable.


Just Spread Your Wings
To the end

Like a bird, spread your wings. Having wings gives the imagery of being free, of being in the sky, of being able be out in the open. I love this imagery of Jessica being able to do what she wants and to be able to have a say in what she does and does not do. Spreading her wings in this sense feels to be as if she is saying that she now has more control over her life, she now can control which direction she goes and can now be who she really wants to be.

To the end seems like she is saying that she is going to fly her way forever. No more of being controlled and being treated more as a product. She now can do whatever she wants, her way when she wants to.


Follow the sound of your heartbeat
Close your eyes

By closing your eyes you cut off many distractions. I feel like Jessica is saying here that you need to follow your heart and what you really wish for. Like she is telling us to stop being so distracted and reach your dreams. I love these lyrics because it makes me feel like that she is trying to tell us to follow our own dreams and desires no matter what people around you say.

There are many metaphors that link the eye to conscious awareness. This once again brings up the idea of a ‘mental’ world rather than a physical one.


Spread out your dreams

Jessica is living her dream now and I feel like she is spreading joy while doing so. Living her life to the best of her abilities and not letting what has happened to her in the past push her down. Spreading your dreams can also be compared to sharing the love. This is because if you are truly loving what you are doing then love can be felt while you are achieving your dreams.

By Jessica living her dreams she brings joy to her fans, the golden stars, by seeing her do well.


You’re a Hero You Can Fly
You Can Fly
You’re a Hero You Can Fly
You Can Fly

Words of encouragement. Flying, being free and being the hero in your own story. Loving this as it is telling you that you are strong enough to be the hero rather than waiting on someone else to be strong for you. Flying is also associated with being free and I feel like Jessica is truly free to be who she wants to be and to be the best that she can be.


A world that you’ve never seen before
Will appear before you

I believe Jessica is talking about all the different opportunities that she has been able to gain after leaving SNSD. It isn’t like she is saying that the time she was in SNSD has been bad but rather she is saying that she has been able to see many more places and has been able to do more after departing from the group. I mean her brand is doing well for itself and she has even had her solo debut which seems really unlikely that it would have ever happened while she was in the group. She has been to so many fashion shows and has guested in a lot of shows in China. She has opened a door which would have never really been there if she was SNSD. I believe that being in the group itself was a bit booster start for Jessica but now she is on to different and in her case better things for her. It goes to show that with ever adversity there is, there is good to balance it out and vice versa.


Fly above the clouds
Cause Your Wings Are Made To Fly

The sky is not your limit. Rise above it all and go higher than what you expected to do. They say the sky is the limit but Jessica is singing about how you can beyond what you believe is your limit. SNSD is the best and greatest girl group there is and what they have achieved is far beyond what anyone expected, even their own agency. They have gone up and beyond all the things that other girl groups have done and they have played a big part in the hallu wave. To think that she could achieve anything after SNSD was doubtful to many people but Jessica has rose above all their judgement and has made a name for herself.

This also makes me think that Jessica is telling her fans that no matter you put your mind to, you will achieve it. That you can go above and beyond what you think you can do and what others tell you that you can do. That you shouldn’t listen to what people tell you is the end of what you can do.


When I hold my hand out
To that high place
It feels like I can touch

Again, it’s about reaching your dreams and pushing forward. That what you think you can never get a hold of is right in front of you. I feel like it’s about your goals being closer than what you think and that no matter how far you think it is, there is always a way to get there. To never give up hope and be determined for you will be there. ‘To that high place’ feels like she’s singing about how she’s trying hard to rise above all that has happened to her.

Touch is associated with connecting and feeling. To me, it feels as if she’s also trying to connect not only with herself but also with her fans. To give herself and them a chance to be happy and to be content. I love how she’s touching each of her fans’ hearts by giving them a beautiful album.


Days I looked forward to
Are they closer now?

I sense hope and longing in these lyrics. Like she’s looking forward to happier days where she is able to showcase her true self and to show what she is able to do. Jessica is achieving great things even without the backing of her group and solidifying her spot as one of the top fashionistas of Korea.


I won’t cry now
I won’t give up
I Won’t Lose
I Won’t Lose
Oh No No No No No

Could she be talking about about after leaving her group. I believe that Jessica and the girls of SNSD truly had been great friends and that no matter what people say about the group, they did have a great bond. As time goes on obviously people change and they grow but I do believe that the group itself had been really close.

I would like to think that Jessica is talking about how she must have felt after departing from the group. That she is talking about how she felt after everything that had happened and how many people stopped talking to her and how she must have felt lonely.





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