Tonga – Home away from Home

While I was born in Tonga, I have always felt that Wellington was home. Maybe it is due to the fact that I moved at a young age and feel that I did most of my growing here in Wellington but every time I do go to Tonga there is always a sense of belonging there.

Firstly that is where most of my family is. Both my mother and father’s families are mostly located in Tonga so visiting always makes me feel like I am reunited with loved ones that I have not seen in a long while. There is also the fact that my eldest brother resides with his wife and children. Seeing them always gives me the feeling of being loved and cherished.

Then there is also the fact that my parents both love the place. I guess for them Wellington is not home but is Tonga instead. That is the place that holds the most memories for them. That is the place where my father built his house, where my mother made her home and where I was born.

Tonga is beautiful with it’s rich cultural and religious beauty, the beaches and the amazing food that is harvested daily from the lands. Fresh coconuts sold on the road sides, beautiful fishes of all types sold in the market right on the waterfront, beautiful souvenirs as well as fresh produce. Tonga has a lot to offer in terms of tourism but is not as widely known as some of it’s other pacific neighbours are.


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