Be True Be You

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within” Maya Angelou

Do not be afraid to show them the real you. I find that so many people hide how amazing they are at something and how talented they because of the fear of being talked badly about or being scorned for being to prideful. We have come to a world where people are shamed for apparently not being humble by showing how well they can do something.

Being true to who you are is one of the greatest blessing someone can give to themselves as well as those around them. One of those that I admire for this is someone who I grew up with and from day one has always had my back and supported me throughout all that I have gone through. She has been a blessing more than she has ever known or ever will.

She inspires me to be true to myself. To trust in the Lord as well as those who are taking the same paths as me. She has shown me that no matter how many times you get knocked down just stand up, brush yourself off and keep moving forward. She has shown me great strength and patience in not only in her daily walk but with her walk with Christ as well. What I love about her is also how she seems to take everything in with open arms. Her willingness to serve others without expecting much back is something to admire.

She has gone through many things. Even through the ups and downs she has always managed to be herself, keep a bright smile on her face and look towards a brighter tomorrow. Whenever I get sad news or even happy ones she is one of those people who are always willing to lend a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on during hard times. I depend on her for consistency and strength. As someone who has stayed by my side during everything I am truly thankful to her for showing loyalty and for not abandoning me when times get hard. Our dinners are always filled with laughter and deep meaningful chats that somehow always leads her to say exactly what I need to hear at that point in my life. Words can not truly express how thankful I am to her and how she has always been there for me. Not only has she become a really good friend to me but she has also become a part of my family. She is living proof of the saying “blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family”.

Just know that I am truly thankful for you Sarah. Nothing you do for me goes unnoticed. I thank you for your prayers, your love and for always having my back. Keep continuing the hard work that you do and remember that no one can ever dim your light. Shine bright because no matter what, no one can ever stop you from being the beautiful person that you are.

I appreciate everything that you do for me sis.



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