Stay Humble

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground” -Teddy Roosevelt

One of the many things that I find hard to do and constantly struggle with is staying humble and staying grounded. I seem to always want to boast about my achievements and to show off how well I have done without much thought making me seem careless as well as stupid.

For the last couple months I have done this small thing where I stop myself before I tell someone a story or start telling them about how well I have done. I count to three in my head and if after those three seconds the story still sounds appealing to tell then I can continue, however, if during those three seconds I realise that not only is it an irrelevant story or it does not contribute at all into what we are talking about then I do not tell the story at all. Sometimes I feel like this has saved me from rambling off about the dumbest things while trying to make myself look good.

In turn this has made me care less about the opinion of others. I learnt that while trying to make myself look really well off or good I started caring too much about people’s thoughts of me. While not caring about making myself look all high and mighty, I have also diminished the amount of time and space that I take to care about how this person thinks of me or of how that person has talked about me.

Honestly it is a weight off of my shoulders. While on the quest to be humble and to stop trying to prove something to others, I have proven to myself that I do not need to hear or know of other’s negative views. I see that while being so fixated on making my ‘image’ so great that others see that I am this amazing person, I loose myself. I stop being me and start trying to be person that not only does not exist but is a person that I can never be.

A lot of people over the last couple of months has noticed the change and has commented on it. Only those close to me has not noticed because those are the people who see the real me and I have no need to be someone else around. Humbling myself (or at least trying to) has opened my eyes to so many other things that I never have noticed until I started to step out of my own little bubble that was only filled with thoughts and actions about me. Being self centred really does cut you off from the rest of the world. Do not be like me who loved to spend time thinking of everything that I can be and what I can do and who I can impress. Nothing good comes from it and it only feeds your ego inflating it so much that it carries you into another world where everything revolves around you. Come out and join the real world. Enjoy life from another perspective. Live life to the fullest. Enjoy the small things while you can.

Step out.

Be happy.

Be humble.



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