Auckland Trip

It was five days of family, food and fun! There is never a dull moment whenever I spend time with family and this time round was no different! From meeting new family members to seeing those you have not seen in a while and catching up on the times that you have spent apart.

Seeing everyone made me realise how far away I truly am from all of them and how I do not go up often enough to see them. It kind of makes me feel slightly isolated and alone when I spent more time there. It seems like everyone is all together there and keeping in touch with each other easily and can visit each other as they all seem to live in similar areas where I am here in Wellington. Not the easiest place to just drop by for a visit.

So much happened while I was there including the 16th birthday of one of my cousins which was fun as well as tiring. I love my loud family but stick us all in one house and you will find beautiful chaos. It is a place filled with laughter, chatter, shouting and the occasional tears. Even though sometimes it looks disorganised and messy, everyone actually has a part to play and know their role when it comes to these things. Everyone got together to celebrate the life of a beautiful young lady as well as sharing memories with each other and a lot of food.

Auckland is basically the islands away from the islands. Like they say, you can take the person out of Tonga but you can not take the Tongan out of the person. While being in Auckland I picked up more about my history and country which I sometimes miss out on living here as I do not involve myself in the goings of Tongan events. While talking to elders as well as younger members of my family I was able to pick up and learn more about who plays what role in the family and where each person falls into the Hierarchy which is confusing at times.

What I truly did enjoy the most though was the times spent together just doing nothing and enjoying each other’s company. From the lazy mornings with cups of tea or milo to the random car rides that we go on where we just jam music and sing along. Those are precious memories that can not be replaced and I am truly thankful to those who had taken the time to join me in my small trip.

The family is growing and I can not wait for the future. The next generation is growing up and I hope that we will be there to help them in the their walk in Life as those before us have guided my generation. I have nothing but love and hope for them and as the family grows, I hope that we keep as one.


‘Ofa lahi atu. Malo ho’omou tauhi au mo ‘eku ongo matu’a he mau folau atu ki ‘Okalanina.



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