Big Vs Small

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

In life we tend to think that whatever we want or is working towards is going to come to us straight away. We think that it is going to come to as soon as we work towards it but what we do not know or choose to ignore is the fact that it is the little things that take time and effort that builds up the bigger picture. We want to reach the top of the mountain yet we do not want to take the step to get there and we want to get to the end point forgetting the journey that you have to take in order to reach it.

We need to learn to appreciate the road we take to getting to our destination and to be able to enjoy the beautiful view. Rather than pacing ourselves so that we do not burn out half way through the journey, we seem to want the fastest and easiest short cut there. Rather than taking small baby steps to get there we want to either take massive leaps or we just want some way to teleport ourselves there. Denis Waitley once said that “a good life is a collection of happy memories” but how are we suppose to collect these memories if we never stop to take a breather and simply take a moment to ourselves?

Rather than planning small goals in order to achieve our overall goal we seem to want to finish it as soon as we begin. We want to achieve everything we set out to do without having to work on the smaller things because we see them as ‘insignificant’. “Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realising that life is made up of little things” Frank A Clark puts it simply and straightforward when he pointed this out. It seems to be in our human nature to want everything instantly. The small things make up the bigger things. Without the series of smaller things how will you ever be able to create something larger?

God did not create the world all in one day, even though he could have, he chose to use 6 days with the 7th being for rest. This world was created one by one showing the time and love that the Lord has taken to shape and form this world. Rather than rushing or snapping His fingers and making this world, he took it step by step.

All I am trying to say is take your time. Do not rush and enjoy the beauty of the road you are taking towards achieving your dreams.

“today’s little moments become tomorrow’s precious memories” -unknown.


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