Positive Thinking

“Always believe something wonderful is about to happen”

Positive thinking is something that I struggle to do. To think of the cup half full rather than fall empty, to see things in a more brighter note and to take the good things and commit that into memory rather than the bad things in life.

Over the years of my short life on this earth, I have come to notice a lot of things about myself and unfortunately it is all negative. Rather than listening to people who tell me that I am perfect the way I am and do not need to change, I see disappointment that I could not achieve better or push myself more. I see the small scars, the stretch marks and all the imperfects that I have. It was not until someone told me that these were not imperfections but just small stories on my body telling people what I have been through. That the scars on my knees were from the multiple times I fell trying to learn how to ride a bike, that the stretch marks on my waist and thighs are a sign that I am maturing into a woman and that my body is learning to adapt and that the small things in life create a bigger picture on who I am.

However, what truly got me thinking was when she pointed out that I was created in the image of God. That He Himself formed me this way and that God is so mighty that He has never made a mistake. It opened my eyes to the fact that the almighty Lord had taken the time to create me this way and who am I to critique His work? He created the heavens and the earth and everything in between, what can a mere human like me create that can match what He has done? With this mindset I set out change my way of thinking.

Firstly, I take the time in the morning to pray. This is to ask for guidance and help for the upcoming day as well as a way to just start the day off well. I then tell myself that I am good enough and that even though I might make mistakes today, there is always a brighter tomorrow. I then proceed to get ready which use to be the hardest part as standing in the mirror truly showed me all the things that I did not like about myself. After that I take a moment to myself to just let all the stress of the previous day go. After all this is done I shake out any remaining nerves or negative thoughts and head out to tackle my day.

This does not mean that whatever I think is amazing and bright and bubbly, it just means that I am able to see myself and others in a more happier light. I will not lie and say that each and everyday is not a struggle but what I can say is that it gets easier. A close uncle of mine use to say that a thought becomes an action which becomes your habit which forms your character. Wouldn’t you rather your character be one of positivity and love rather that of negativity and hate?



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