Hurt me with the truth

“Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie”

Would you not rather have people be straight up with you and tell you when something is happening than to find out about it later after everyone already knows?

If something was happening to me, I would hope people would have the courage to be honest with me and tell me what is truly going on. I would hope people would care about me enough to pull me aside, sit me down and let me know about whatever situation would be heading my way.

For example, if I was dating someone and I truly care about them but he on the other hand is cheating on me with another girl, I would want you to tell me. I do not want people thinking that “what she does not know will not hurt her”¬†because at the end of the day I would get hurt regardless. I would want to know sooner rather than later and I hope that it is said to me by someone who I care about because in all honesty if I find out later about him cheating and I also find out about you knowing without having the guts to tell me, you and him can go out that door and out of my life together. Not only will I be hurt from the upsetting news but knowing that someone who I thought of as a friend or family did not tell me that it was going on will just simply kill me.

Lying to anyone does no good. It gets you no where and in the end, you will be caught out. Do not think that by lying to someone that it is the end. “What goes around comes back around”and just know that whatever lie you tell will be found out. Do yourself and everyone around you a favour and just do not lie. White lies, big lies or small lies, just save yourself the trouble and just do not do it! It is a lesson we need to all learn… especially me.



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