Appreciating People

Appreciating People

There is a point in every person’s life where they stop and reflect back on what has happened so far. It may not a long reflection or even an important one. It could even be a reflection over the last few days. No matter how short it may be, it is still an important point in someone’s life where they review and think of those events.

I realise as I reflected on the last few days of my mini trip here to Auckland how people do not appreciate others, myself included. I see how people do not see the value of life and know how short it is. We spend each day thinking that tomorrow is a promise when it is not. We spend each day taking each other for granted.

Life is so short yet we can not see it. We do not think about how we should make the most of our time with each other, instead we leave each other behind and disregard each other’s presence. There is a saying that someone once said to me that we hurt the people we love because we know that they will always forgive us after but in my opinion that should never be the case. We should love and cherish each moment we have and always think of how each person would feel when we do something.

A lot of time we like to include ourselves in the crowd. We think that by joining the majority, we are doing good. However, I do not understand how a group of people can laugh about someone that they claim to care about. I think that people love to follow the crowd and just feel included without thinking of how they would make the other person feel. They have no appreciation and no thoughts for anyone else at that moment but for themselves and their own gains.

I am not saying that one should remove themselves from everything but what I am saying is make the most of the short time that you have with each other. Seek to always show love and kindness with each person that interacts with you.

Make the most of your time together. Show those around you that you love and care about them before it is too late. Tell each other how much you appreciate them and show kindness to all. Love one another, I can not stress this enough. Be happy in each other’s presence and keep the peace.


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