I have a lot of be thankful for and one of the biggest is my family. Right now, I am spending as much time as I possibly can within the next five days here in Auckland with family on my mother’s side. Nothing compares to feeling like you have come home.

First of all, we are loud. Every single one of us with our witty banter, deafening laughs and our joyous reunions. We do not get to see each other often enough throughout the years but when we do there is so much to talk about and catch up on. Life, food and tears are shared when we come together.

I love how each time we get together it feels like nothing has changed yet a lot has. From seeing younger family members grow into amazing young adults and listening to the teachings and lectures of our wise elders. Each year we older and with new experiences come with new stories to share. I simply love when we sit around with a cup of coffee or tea in hand and just talk. Trust me when I say that my family can for sure a whole bunch of talkers.

One thing that I have noticed this time around is that in whatever we do, there is joy. When we eat together, go out together and even when we just sit around watching tv. I am extremely thankful that I can have this time with them. I am thankful that I know there are people who always will be there for me and love me no matter what situation I put myself in.


Thank you family.


‘Ofa lahi atu



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