Dear Idiots

Dear Idiots.

What does it mean to do something “like a girl”? How is it insulting to do something as a female?

First of all, remember that you were brought into this world by a woman. A strong woman at that to push your thick head out. You were carried by her for nine months, more or less and she had to give up so much just so that you can be born healthy and safe. I just want you to realise that without ‘girls’ you boys would not even be born so be thankful. Your mother had to endure months of pain, emotional times, cravings, swelling feet, back pains and more just so you can be born. Be thankful that of she carried you in the womb for that long ‘like a girl’ because you would not exist if she did not.

Also remember that every time you say that is degrading another human being. A woman is also human and deserves to be treated like an equal to other human beings also known as men. There is a saying that says that the reason why God took a rib out of Adam when he created Eve was so that she can be her equal. Not a bone from his head so that she is above him, not a bone from his feet so that he can walk all over her but from his side so that she is his equal and is to be loved and treated as such.

Stop using ‘like a girl’ as an insult. It not only hurts people but also puts a negative light on being a female. We are strong, we are independent and I certainly do not appreciate hearing this go around. Educate yourself and others around you on how to be respectful and how to treat a woman right.

From someone who is happily a girl,



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