Let It All Go And See What Stays

“Let it all go and see what stays”

Ever want to just let everything and everyone go and see and what stays?

Often I sit and wonder that if I stop making the effort for people, would they just leave? I find it hard to envision some people still in my life if I made half the effort to talk to them as I do now. Sometimes I just feel like I am at a point where I am holding an one sided conversation with myself.

I wonder if people value me the way that I do them. I wonder if they actually care about me or they just keep me around because I am there but as soon as I am out of sight I am out of mind. It takes a toll on one’s confidence when you realise that people do not actually care and can just cast you aside when your purpose is done. Knowing that people just like to take advantage of my kindness leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and heavy heart.

By letting go, you realise your true friends. You see the people who truly love you for you and do not call upon you in their time of need. Those who choose to stay despite your lack of interest and lack of affections are the ones you need to hold on to. They are the ones you need to cherish as they are shown that they have your back no matter what. They are the type of loyal people you should surround yourself with.

I am thankful to those who have stuck around no matter how many tantrums that I throw at them and through all the random times that I have just given up trying to be social. Without them I would not be the same person that I am today. They have guided me, walked with me and protected me throughout hard times.  They listen to my babbling, support me when I cry and they have truly become like a safety net that I know will always catch me when I fall. So thank you! I may not say it everyday but you know that I love you!

Surround yourself with people of love and support. They are the best kind.


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