John 13:35

John 13:35

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Love one another. Such a simple statement and request yet so hard for so many of us to fulfil.

It is not as easy as it seems. To love someone who has done you wrong and to simply let everything go is hard. Not everyone finds it smooth sailing when it comes to forgiveness and forgetting what people did and some may continue to do.

I felt this bible text reflects what I need to work on the most. To love someone after something wrong that they have done to you takes humility, courage and work. You can never just decide with the snap of your fingers that you forgive someone. It takes a lot of time and struggle to be able to let go of something. Forgiving is not easy for me to do. I admit that I have too much pride sometimes and that just blocks me from seeing the bigger picture that it is not always about me.I hate letting go of things that has happened at times the person who did something to me has completely forgotten about it but I continue to obsess over it.

That was when I came to the realisation that they were living rent free in my head. While they were out there having fun and moving on with their lives, I was obsessing over how much they have hurt me. So what I do is every day when I wake up I say a little prayer not only for the fact that I woke up and get to experience a new day but also that today I lose a little bit more of the hate in my heart. For me, the more I say the small prayer the more I am reminded that what they did does not matter any more.

I am not saying that I am perfect and that I love everyone. What I am saying that I am working towards a place where I can say that I do not hate people. Love is the next step. You can always stop hating people but going from that to loving them is an even bigger step.

I challenge you to stop hating people and starting loving each other!

‘Ofa lahi atu


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