People Will Always Have Their Opinions…

“People will always have their opinions of you despite who you are and what you are capable of.”

To some people you will never be good enough and that is just how it is. Nothing you say or do will change their mind about you because to them, their preconceived idea of who you are will always be correct.

I was born in a small island in the Pacific call Tonga. We are brown skinned big people with big personalities and just as big mouths to match. We are loud social people who love our culture and heritage. With that being said though, we are often seen as dumb or in other words FOBs which is basically ‘Fresh Of The Boat’.

Often you will find many of our pacific young people who live overseas not in Tonga in three categories or fall in between them. The first being that they speak absolutely no Tongan and only english. The second would be some of those who moved from the islands who speak fluent Tongan but struggle with the English language and then the third would be those who are fluent in both.

It is true that my people may need more help than those of other ethnicities but we are passionate. What most of lack in knowledge we make up determination. I fall within the third category of being able to understand not only Tongan but English as well. However, when most people look at me what they see is not another person but another brown FOB. Rather than judging my work based on what I can do, some would already think they know my ‘type’. I know that there are people out there who put a bad name on my culture but then again, which ethnicity can fully claim that they have never had anyone done wrong?

People will always be judgemental and think that they know who you are based on what you look like, what they have heard from other and even what they think a group of people is like. To some it will never matter what you do because what they think of you will always outweigh the work you have done.

It does not matter and it should never matter. What is most important is that you know who you are and you live by your truth. Just people someone sees you a certain way and does not want to get to know you, does not mean that there will never be other opportunities. Prove them wrong. Do better than what they thought of you.

I have come to terms with the fact that I am just letting others view negatively without doing anything. I also realised that I should not let it affect me any more because I use to let it get to me all the time and it showed. I started being unhappy with everything, I suffered socially with my friends and family, at school because I felt like there was always that pressure to fail and I started to think that they were right.

People’s opinions will always be there but stick to your truth.



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