La Cloche Ten Year Anniversary!

Today, Wellington’s coolest little French Cafe celebrates it’s tenth birthday! Like they say, you can take the boy out of France but you can not take the French out of the boy. Francois embodies this saying to the bone. With his lead along with Hisham, this little cafe withstood the test of time and has reached a major milestone.

Good food accompanied by great coffee as well as a hearty laugh by the one and only can always brighten one’s day. One customer even remarks that “no wonder you (La Cloche) have lasted for so long! The food is great”.

I believe that if you put time and effort into something along with a lot of heart and soul that things will work out. Nothing is ever impossible and with dedication and determination you can get through everything. These men have shown great commitment to not only to their business but also their employees and devotion to perfecting every detail in every aspect of their work. This in turn also shows through the team that backs them up.

With power comes great responsibility which also comes with great pressure and stress. To be able to still be successfully running after ten years is a great achievement. Ten years of hard work, sweat, tears and sleepless nights have now put them on the map as one of the go to French spots in the capital and I know that they will continue the hard work. This is not the end but only just the beginning for La Cloche which now also have opened a little sister Cafe in the Ora Gallery.

I am sure that they are feeling proud to have made it this far but I also know that for them, they will continue on working just as hard.

Congratulations once again La Cloche Cafe!




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