Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

Welcome to crazy! If you are reading this you have made the insane decision of marrying me. I can not believe that I have reached this point where I actually want to settle down and start my life with you. Most people say that marrying means that your life as a single is ending but I do not believe that they realise that the rest of their life has just begun.

For better or for worse. I know that sometimes I sometimes I like to joke that in this relationship that I am always the better part and you balance me out by being the worse but we both know it is not true. I know that I would never marry someone who I treat as beneath me. For you will never be below me or above me but always beside me holding my hand as we walk through this wacky thing called life. I know that you are someone that brings out the best in me and I can only dream that I do the same for you. We may not be always on the same page and at most times I can be too stubborn for my own good… and if I do not apologise then for what I did, I apologise now in advance.

If we ever let something as petty as money come in between us then I am more disappointed then you know. I do not and will not ever want material things over you and if it ever comes to that point then you have my permission to drag me to a doctor so that they can find out what is wrong with my brain. It is not about how much you have or how much you can contribute to this relationship. We are in this together for richer or for poorer.

In health and in sickness. I promise to be by your side through what ever that life may throw our way. I will be there to be your shoulder to lean on and be the loving carer that you need. Even though I will be there, we both know my mother will be the one cooking. That is something we both should be thankful for. I will keep you company though and make sure to help you whenever you need. I know that our forever can be cut short suddenly so let us make the most of each day!

This is both a letter of thanks and of warning.

I thank you for choosing me. For loving me despite my flaws and mistakes. I thank you for your patience and for looking past my temper. I thank you for the memories we’ve made along the way and will continue to do. I may have not met you yet but I am already excited for our future together. One that is not foolproof and without faults. We will trip, we will fight but I know that with God we will be walking this path strong and united.

However, this is also a warning. I am crazy, loud and at times will annoy you to no end. Yes, I will want to know how you are, if you are okay and if you need me. I will talk a lot and at times not talk at all but I trust you and know that if there is no one that I can talk to, you will always be there. I will text you at random hours of the day and I will constantly be that supportive person that you need, even to the point where you will just want me to leave so that you can work in peace. I warn you that I will care to much, hurt too easily and at times, cry too much. I will speak without thinking and I know that I will always be too stubborn to say sorry. I hope that you know that even after all the nagging that I am only doing it because I know you can be the best at whatever you want to be.

We are a partnership. We are a team.

Thank you.

I love you…

Till death do us part,



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