“Stay Away From Negative People. They Have A Problem For Every Solution”

“Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution”

Negative people will always bring you down. Nothing they do or say is for the purpose of the greater good. Their vibes always seem to be bringing yours down and nothing ever seems good enough for them. Their mindset is always on the darker side of things or in other words rather than seeing the glass being half full, they see the glass as half empty instead.

In life these people will always be around. They can be anyone around you. They can be your teacher, your friend, a colleague or maybe a mentor or a tutor.

In my opinion, it is not important how they treat you but how you react to what they do because this shows your true characteristics. My best advice is to walk away. Do not give them the satisfaction of reacting badly towards them. Do not stoop down to their level by treating them as badly as they have treated you. It is not about getting even but by showing compassion and love to those who you feel do not deserve it.

Regretfully I say that I was a negative person. Not only was I bringing myself down but also others around me. There were constant problems and even if there were none I would either find them or create them myself. Nothing and no one was ever good enough because I felt like I would never amount to anything. The more I was negative and felt worse about myself, the more I made those around me feel just as bad. It was not until I realised that I was hurting those around me that I decided that it was time to stop.

The change is not easy and it is not just an over night switch. You can not simply alter your attitude as quick as you would like and many times you will lapse and go back to step one. The main thing is that you keep trying. While you may fall and you will find yourself disheartened, getting up is the most important part.

I came to the conclusion that who I was wasn’t someone that I would personally want to be around so why I would I subject others to live with someone like that. I think that by keeping away from people who had such gloomy and anti auras truly helped in my change. So surround yourself with positive people who will lift you up and you will see the difference in yourself in how you behave, how you treat others and even your thoughts.


“Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution”


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