What does it mean to be perfect? What is it even based on?

I find that people, girls especially, strive for perfection. It is constantly a fight for who is better than who. It is always about who has the best makeup, who has the best clothes, who has the perfect job and even at times, who has the best social life.

Yet no one ever stops to think that maybe this is doing more harm than good. I feel as a young person of today’s society there is a constant need to compare to others around me as well as what the media says is the ideal image. I always feel the need to look like the models with their stick thin bodies and impeccable hair. I do not mean that the models themselves are the problem I am just saying that sometimes the pressure of looking like that can do a lot of damage to a young person.

Everyone is a different shape and size so saying that one minority has the ideal body type can be damaging to someone who is on a slight bigger scale. I agree that people have to loose some weight in order to be on the healthier side but most of us can never achieve the size that these Victoria secret models can.

What I am trying to say is to live in your own perfection. Look within yourself and just know that it is up to you how you value yourself. Be courageous! Do not change yourself for the people of the world.

Love yourself.

Make your own perfection.



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