Work Together

Everything these days are a competition. It is always about who has the best things, who is smarter, who is prettier, who comes out on top and even the amount of followers you have on Instagram is now a competition. We are constantly comparing ourselves to each other as if having less than the person next to you is the end of the world.

Life is hard enough as it is without having us go at each other’s throats! So why? Why must we be in contest with each other when we can uplift each other instead?

I do not understand why everything has to be a race! I feel as if this world would be a whole lot better if people simply stopped being so selfish all the time and actually helped each other. Imagine a world where girls rather than degrading each other would actually stop and help the person in need on how to improve. Imagine how much more smarter the world would be if instead of laughing at the dumb kid in your class, you get up and offer them help by lending notes or offering to tutor them.

At the end of the day we all do not know each other’s story. Nothing is as it seems and sometimes, if not all, we always jump into conclusion before getting to know what the actual situation is. Life for that person could be hard but because we do not take the time to reach out to them, we simply do not know. The girl sleeping in your class could be working a million jobs trying to provide for herself and pay for schooling. The boy who would not look others in the eye could be abused at home. The woman who you refused a dollar today on the side of the road could be begging so that she can just make enough to buy some bread.

Be a Team! Work as one to get the job done! Humans were made to be social creatures. We were not made to survive on our own. Help each other to make this world less cruel and dark. Be kind, be gentle and be loving. Stop being selfish and look for the good in others.

You never know, one day you might need a helping hand.



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