Jessica Jung Love Me The Same

Okay I am officially dying! Jessica Jung is not only debuting with one Music Video BUT TWO! Jessica fans all over the world is getting even more excited with the revelation that there is a second music video that will be accompanying Fly! The music video will be of her track Love Me The Same!

So I feel as if this Music Video Teaser is for a ballad unlike the upbeat Fly track. Just like the first Fly teaser we do not hear Jessica’s beautiful voice till the end when she sings “Would I still have your heart, Babe?” or correct me if I am wrong but similar to the second teaser we have an instrumental as well. The second teaser had an upbeat tempo with great beats while this teaser has a more piano focused instrumental.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.20.33 pm.png

Unlike the second teaser which opened up with a circular frame this one opens in a more rectangular shape. We see Jessica in a slight birds eye view of her lying down on the carpet reading what looks to be like a book which also connects to when she was sitting in the teal coloured bath tub in the middle of the dessert. Her hair looks to be in loose waves which is in right now.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.20.51 pm.png

Then we have an over the shoulder shot of Jessica reading the book with what seems to be instructions on how to grow a cactus. I can read the small writing in the black however it is the purple quote on the next page that is backwards is what I am most curious about. It starts off with “Embrace the cactus even the warm..” then the next word is covered by the ribbons followed by “blood comes..” and for the rest I do not know. I seriously want to know what she wrote!

Cactus symbolises endurance and how it can stand the test of time and all the elements. Although it is prickly and unwelcoming it has it’s own beauty. I feel like Jessica is trying to describe herself in this situation where people had called her the Ice Princess for so long because she seem withdrawn, reserved  and well icy. It is like she is saying that no matter what happens she is going to push through and just like the cactus she will get through whatever you throw her way.

It also seem as if it represents that she can grow and flourish no matter where she is even in a dessert which can also mean different things. The desert itself can have different connotations. It can mean endless opportunities, eternity and even humility by realising how there are bigger problems out there and bigger things other than your own problems. But with every pro there will be cons. Desolation and emptiness are one of the main associations with the dessert. Could this be showing how lonely she is now that she is no longer in the group? Death as well as destitution could be a connection and most importantly abandonment which I could understand she could be feeling if she truly was kicked out of the group which she spent so many years of her life being in.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.21.05 pm.png

Could this be the same book that she was reading in the bath tub?

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.21.36 pm.png

Then we see a silhouette of Jessica with the lighting behind her as if it is a natural lighting and what looks like green plants behind her. Silhouettes are often used in photography and in films to ‘show less and say more’ because by turning Jessica into a silhouette is like abstracting her. It is also used to symbolise a ‘former self’ which is connected to how she is a ‘former’ SNSD member. The lighting for silhouettes are usually from a doorway or a window which symbolises escapism which in other words is like saying ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’. This solo debut is Jessica’s light at the end of the tunnel as she is now returning to the music scene which she has not been in since her departure from the group.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.21.45 pm.png

She pricks her finger on the cactus. Why? I can not figure out why.. maybe Jessica is showing that with no pain there will be no gain or maybe she is showing that she herself is hurt by her loneliness and that if she gets too close to others or others gets close to her then someone would always end up getting hurt just as she was when she was booted from her group.

Then we have two similar shots where we see Jessica lying down staring at her plant. First we have the camera focused on the cacti with her slightly blurred in the background and then we have the camera focus in on Jessica while the cacti is blurred in the front.

Can she not look so perfect in these shots? First we get a glimpse of Jessica siting in front of an open fridge with fairy lights hanging over it, which can I add seems dangerous and then we get a semi close up of her from a side view of her holding the cacti.

Jessica looks great in these photos as she seems so natural and at home. She looks at peace with herself with a slight sad aura around her. With the lighting illuminating her beautiful features we see Jessica glowing with a slight purple hue around her. As we all know purple is a symbolism of royalty which she is as the queen of many people’s hearts! “Power, nobility, luxury, and ambition” is also represented by purple as “It conveys wealth and extravagance.” It is also associated with wisdom and dignity as well as independence, which is well connected with her being a solo artist now, mystery and magic. It also has a strong relation to creativity which is what Jessica is proving herself to be with not only her fashion company but also through her music which is has not only wrote lyrics for but also has produced!

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.22.54 pm.png

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.23.10 pm.png

I can not wait for her solo debut even more now as we will be getting TWO music videos and not one! With two different feels I know Jessica will be able to showcase her talents. Really looking forward to this and I know many Jessica fans are as well!



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