So during last couple weeks I decided that I should check out Jessica Jung’s new entertainment company to see if I knew any of their artist.. which unfortunately I did not. However while going through the small list of artist I came across a girl group called ‘Playback’ who I have heard nothing about at all. This could be due to the fact that they debut under a small company  or that they are not promoted as much as other girl groups.

Being the curious person that I was, I decided that I should check out this group and see who they were. First things first I had a look at their debut song which coincidentally is also called Playback.

The song has an easy feel to it with a natural grove. A song that you can easily listen to all day while chilling, cleaning or hanging out with friends. I actually have come to love this song and I have watched the MV more than a couple times enough now to be able to sing along to the tune, since I lack the skill of speaking Korean.

I know some people who were fans of them when they did debut have taken to being offended when people say that they discovered Playback because of Jessica but in my opinion I think that it is a good thing that Jessica has given them a boost in terms of being known. For myself, I would have never found this group if not for Jessica. With all these upcoming girl groups from big companies like Twice and IOI who gained a lot of fans through the survival show Produce 101, it would have been hard to even discover Playback.

I have come to love this group and can call myself a fan. I still have a long way in terms of being able to be a hardcore fan but I enjoy this group and their music. I just hope that they do not end up like so many groups that disband after not gaining any popularity. I hope that they some how become mainstream and if Jessica can help with that then I would be so happy.

Wishing both Jessica and Playback the best of luck!



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