WGM says Goodbye to another amazing couple

WGM says goodbye to possibly the cutest couple that has been featured on the show. Red Velvet’s Joy and BTOB’s Sungjae has now left the show along with with a million fan’s hearts.

Not only did they steal fan’s hearts with their cuteness and beauty, they also rose to the top due to their uniqueness and also for the fact that they were so believable. This couple was loved for how realistic they were as if they were just another cute young awkward couple.

However, like they say.. All good things must come to an end and unfortunately for us it is now time to them to depart.

I wish I can say that they will stay the amazing couple that they are after the show but it seems unlikely. For example, SNSD’s Maknae Seohyn and Yonghwa, who is the leader of CNBLUE are rarely seen talking or communicating. This could be due to the fact that she is extremely shy or that they have busy schedules but if you also take 2PM’s Nickhun and F(x)’s Leader Victoria into consideration then I can see that there is a pattern here. Not only do they not communicate but it was also reported that Nickhun even went on to date Victoria’s labelmate SNSD’s Tiffany.

I really wish the best for them and can not wait to see what they produce as artists and as entertainers. I also hope that this is not the last interaction between them as they truly are such a cute couple. I hope they they can show different sides of themselves and they produce more music and grow.

Best of luck to both Joy and Sungjae and their groups BTOB and Red Velvet




Sungjae’s Performance

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