FLY by Jessica

One thing that I noticed when looking at the word ‘FLY’ in Jessica’s teaser image is that it looks like ‘F/y” which in other words basically says ‘F*ck You’. I do not know if anyone else looked at it like this or maybe it is just me but I had a great laugh over it.

I do not know if it was intentional or if it was but I can not help but think that this is some sort of secret message.

To all you FAKE Sones who do not support Jessica ‘F*ck You’

To all the people who have turned their backs on her ‘F*ck You’

To SNSD who would not tell us what is going on and their so called side of the story ‘F*ck You’ for leaving us fans in the dark.

I can not lie and say that I am not looking forward to Tiffany’s solo debut as well but I can not help but feel like SM has done this on purpose. If you truly look at it, Jessica has got a better voice and her dancing was amazing as a trainee so I am feeling like she is going to pull out all the stops to win, however Tiffany has the support of SM who will push her forward not caring if she is ready or not and the support of the rest of the SNSD members.

So in all honesty, I feel as if Jessica’s music is going to be better than Tiffany’s but due to popularity in Korea, Tiffany will win. I am not saying that Tiffany does not deserve to win but I think Jessica is just going to be pushed aside not due to better music but just because of popularity.


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