The end has COME! AND IT IS JEON SOMI ON THE TOP! SUPER HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR HER! For those who havent learnt of the news, Jeon Somi has won the number one spot on the show and is now the center!

Congratulations to her and I truly believe that she deserved it. She worked hard for it, like all the other members of the show, but I think that she was just a little bit more hungry and desperate for it. For such a young age she has showed perseverance and dedication to get things done and that truly makes her shine. She not only has to endure being the only trainee from the ‘Big Three’ which consists of JYP, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment but also the pressure of which that comes with that name.

I believe that she has made great friends along the way who we have not seen the last of and I truly believe that they will show us great stages in the future! I truly believe that these friendships will be seen in shows and programs that they may feature together in!

All in all I am truly happy for Somi, however, someone that she was great friends with on the show did not make it into the group. Park Soyeon from LOEN Entertainment has been by Somi’s side for pretty much everything! I wish her the best for the future but DAMN CAN SHE RAP AND DANCE! Expecting great things from her..

Now Somi will be debuting in May with the 11 member group I.O.I which is like Eye-oh-eye.. Representing the ‘101’ in Produce 101. She is not only the Center but also the MAKNAE!



Supporting you and I.O.I



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